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PowerPro Asia Pacific Ltd.

PowerPro Asia Pacific was founded in 2005 as the latest division of The Power Pro Group, a leading European distribution company with a long history of excellent customer service.

The unique combination of European and Hong Kong based personnel gives us an exceptional perspective on emerging European and Asian trends. We build relationships with our customers and distribution network based on wholehearted commitment and customer focus along with our high standards and ethical behaviour. Our Hong Kong office provides daily support to our network and is committed to finding and liaising with new partners to enhance business opportunities.

PowerPro Asia Pacific’s dedication to market research means that the product range is continually evolving and based on latest innovations. The range of products in our portfolio has emerged from European manufacture or the products are designed to the strictest European standards. The company’s emphasis on natural products and timeless designs ensures that our customers have a broad product range from which to choose.

To see the entire range of products we have available in the Asia Pacific region, please download our brochure.

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Phone +353 61 308830

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