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BIC has been creating simple yet reliable pens since the middle of the last century. With an extensive range that includes not only the much loved Cristal pen, the iconic 4 Colours pens and Tipp-Ex correction products, BIC also offers high-quality pencils, markers and even colouring tools for the little ones.

Every day, across the world, 25 million BIC stationery products are chosen by consumers*. If BIC stationery products continue to conquer the world 66 years after their inception, it’s because quality and reliability are top priorities for BIC.

High-tech processes are used to improve and diversify BIC’s range. Each product is carefully designed and manufactured for its user, as BIC controls the entire production process by manufacturing everything from its machinery to the points and inks. BIC offers excellent quality for a great price, plus ingenuity and creativity.

In addition to their high-quality aspect, BIC stationery products are designed for maximum use and minimal environmental impact. For example, a BIC Cristal Medium pen can write 3km on average**. BIC also offers a specific range of products made with recycled materials and measures its products’ environmental performance. Lastly, BIC created and developed, hand-in-hand with Terracycle, the first writing instrument recycling programme in Europe.

*Based on 220 days

**According to SGS 2012/15 test for blue and black cartridges


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